How To Get Pregnant Fast Using Chinese Medicine

Published: 14th April 2011
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You probably have heard about the natural herbs and techniques used in Chinese medicine, nevertheless it's possible you do not know how to get pregnant fast, using the three elements of Jing, Qi and Shen. It is vital to grasp the synergy of balance which is required for these three areas of your total being. It is crucial, if you hope to cure any condition, including fertility issues.

Jing is our genetic makeup and the factors which can be altered through exterior factors, such as the amount of stress we are under or the illnesses that can weaken the immune system. Throughout your life, Jing can be affected and cause long-term damage that must be repaired, in order to carry a child, full-term. In men, it might be inadequate sperm levels and women might experience ovarian problems. These are issues that must be addressed, whether it is through the use of Reiki, acupuncture, herbal remedies, dietary and lifestyle changes or Reflexology.

If you want to learn how to get pregnant fast with these techniques, you also need to address Qi, which is considered your internal energy that comes from your core organs. For successful attempts at conception, your natural flow of energy must be in balance through full function of your kidneys, liver and spleen. Herbal treatments are most effective for enhancing your Qi balance, with more than 150 herbs used in treatments for fertility issues.

In learning how to get pregnant fast, you can't overlook the final element-Shen. Your spirit or soul is an important part of this trilogy and Shen might be considered mental well-being by the Western world. Holistic treatments and philosophies tend to closely follow Chinese medicine principles, which believe in correcting underlying causes for conditions, versus the side effects they cause. Learning how to get pregnant fast can be best accomplished with this three-prong approach because it is a natural balance that has offered proven results, for many couples.

If you consider the differences between Western medicine and Chinese medicine, you might see where the slight differences in principles can intersect. While you should be eating a healthy diet, you should also have a strong immune system, with your organs functioning properly. Your mental state of mind should be considered because stress is well-known to physically manifest itself. If you are able to have a proper balance of Jing, Qi and Shen, you can discover how to get pregnant fast, using the safe and natural practices.

For those considering an alternative medicine option, it's possible to implement forms of relaxing meditation, a healthy diet with proper exercise, adequate sleep and proper posture. Your physical condition can play a vital role in your ability to conceive. For those that are looking to Chinese medicine, it's important to address the things you are not doing that you should be, or vice versa, because lifestyle choices could be decreasing your ability to become pregnant. If you want to learn how to get pregnant fast, you only have to balance your Jing, Qi and Shen, which can come from natural remedies.


If you wish to learn more about how to get pregnant fast having a close look at Chinese medicine can be worthwhile. Check out and learn how a lot of women have fulfilled their dream of becoming pregnant using natural remedies.

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